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Things to Know When Looking for a French Bulldog Puppy

As much as there are many family types, the French bulldog breed is the best option. They are affectionate hence can keep you company all the time you need. At the same time, you need to have several considerations for you to buy the right one. Here are things you should know when looking for a French bulldog puppy.


It is highly beneficial to go for a puppy that suits your personality. For instance, if you love your dog to be more energetic, then it is advisable to go for a male puppy. On the other hand, look for a female if you want a relaxed dog. Generally, French bulldogs are known to be low energy dogs. They are, therefore, the best option if you are living in a small apartment. See more here French bulldog puppies for sale FL.


You should be considerate of the age you want. The age at will a French bulldog separates from its mother is crucial. The right seller will never recommend a less than eight weeks puppy. They will still need to socialize with their siblings and receive the proper nutrients provided by their mother; this is for proper functioning.


It is essential to do your research on the breeder. You need one who is well knowledgeable about breeding and caring for the puppies. Inquire on the standard prices of French bulldog to avoid getting conned. Also, you will be sensitive to avoid abnormally low prices as the puppies might be unhealthy. Get to know how regularly the puppies get checked by a vet and receive vaccinations. It is even more preferable if the breeder can allow you to see the parents, especially the mother. Such an opportunity will give you a glimpse of the type of dog the puppy will grow into. You will also have insights into any potential health problems that may arise in the future.


It is essential to get a puppy that is easy to train. Knowing where the puppies have been living will give you an idea. If they live in a secluded place and have not had adequate socialization with humans, it might be hard to train. Puppies that are frequently handled with humans in the store can quickly adapt when you get them home.

There are health issues that you should look into. Ensure that the puppy has no respiratory problems, cherry eye, deafness, and heat stress. You should check inside the puppy's mouth and ensure they are not suffering from excess skin.

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